“It is a complete transformation: our son now poops on the toilet without a problem. As finding out that our son was suffering from constipation and needed laxatives. Many thanks for the support!”

mother Sheryl

Withholding behaviour and constipation

Medical causes such as diseases, syndromes or side effects of medication, rarely play a major role in constipation. Withholding behaviour, often related to stressful situations, is the major cause of constipation. In addition, insufficient liquid and fibers, no or little physical activity as well as other non-medical causes can provoke accumulation in the tummy. Constipation occurs in different forms and is not always easily recognized which means it often goes untreated.

Laxatives and lazy bowels

When poo problems are left untreated, a child will experience both better and worse periods. One should always treat constipation with laxatives. Unfortunately many parents are afraid of the possibility of laxatives becoming addictive and resulting in lazy bowels. This is unjustified. Continued constipation without treatment causes delay and stagnation in the bowels. Have a look at the (Dutch) Directive for Constipation with Children for information about the various laxatives and dosages.

The SuperPooper® Method

Knowledge about and experience with the use of laxatives, together with the treatment of underlying problems is often still lacking. The SuperPooper Method provides a structured process based on system theory and thinking. It includes a complete overview of all (possible) additional causes and consequences across all aspects of the child’s life, i.e. home, school, work and such like.
To support your child in turning it into a real ‘superpooper’, it can play The SuperPooper App and read (together with you) The SuperPooper Book. You will find explanations about pooing, poo problems and how to solve these.