“Our daughter didn’t want to poo at school, which resulted in constipation and soiling. After the online consult, we started giving laxatives and arranged a meeting at school. After one week the poo problem disappeared… what a happy girl we have at home!”

Monica (parent)

What are the signals of a poo problem?

Mostly a poo problem comes with (physical) symptoms like tummy ache, a puffy tummy, painful poos, difficulties in pooing, unwillingly soiling, change in peeing pattern, active withholding behaviour, a stool which diversifies of consistency and size, sometimes noticing hard lumps, xxl poo, soft or hard.

Should my child always use laxatives?

When your child is suffering from constipation and soiling caused by constipation, one always needs to use laxatives. That’s the only way to empty the belly and keep the belly clean. When your child is suffering from soiling without constipation, laxatives are not needed or useful. Aside from the laxatives it is important to find out which reasons may have lead to the constipation.

Are laxatives addictive and does it cause lazy bowels?

Laxatives which are only active on the stool – like the component macrogol does – don’t have an addictive effect and may be longer used. These laxatives softens the stool (by retaining liquid) and let it increase in volume. Because of that it will be easier to poo and movement in the bowels is stimulated. When you don’t treat constipation with laxatives stagnation in the intestines will follow.

How do I use laxatives and when and how do I stop?

Mostly it is recommended to use laxatives for a minimum of 2-3 months. That way the function of the bowels can recover until the poo pattern reappears. Only when pooing happens every day without any problems, you can consider to reduce the dosages. Do this preferably in small steps, because when a relapse occur, it’s this way easy to go back to the amount of laxatives that worked fine. Sometimes a child needs laxatives for months or even years to keep the tummy clean. Accumulation in the bowels causes over the long term loss of the urge to poo and being able to poo. Therefore it is always better to use an aid to stimulate the movement in the bowels.

Do I harm my child if I stop offering the nappy?

Putting on a nappy, when your child is physically and mentally ready for potty or toilet use, confirms your child still being a baby. Moreover with a nappy the child is lacking a proper poo posture (knees above the hips) to enable him/her to get the stool completely out. Furthermore the nanny itself obstructs the poo of leaving the body in total.